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Who we are (facebook:Yingshou Xu; Twitter: @RingchanCorp)

Nanjing Ringchan Corporation (Ringchan) is a reliable and reputable provider of diversified deep frozen ( IQF & BQF) fruit and vegetables, canned fruit and vegetables, kidney beans, also air dehydrated & freeze dried fruit and vegetables, fruit juice concentrate in frozen or aseptic form.


Ringchan is founded in Nanjing (about 300km Northern-west to Shanghai), China in 2002. The founders and Quality Control persons have been in the field of fruit and vegetables’ cultivate, production and export for about 20 years at the longest.


What we can do for you

Ringchan can supply customers diverse food ingredients produced in different climate areas in China at premium quality and most importantly competitive prices.


Our Quality Control persons supervise the whole production and packing process on site in the factories in accordance with Purchase Orders’ requirement or our traditional criteria. We remove samples at regular frequency to test upon clients’ technical sheets and modify the production and packing on time.


We source products only from quality factories which are HACCP, BRC and / or Kosher certified.


We supply our clients products knowledge, products information of growing, harvest, output volumes forecast as per weather conditions and prices prediction to assist their purchase evaluations.


We have ability to develop new products as per customers’ innovations based on our background knowledge of twenty years.




We have been involved in food ingredients trading and production since 1997. Therefore, we have established solid friendship and business relationship with food factories with over a dozen of years' experience...

Hot Products

Frozen Red Pepper (Whole, slices, dices)
IQF red pepper (whole, slices/strips, dices)
Frozen Blackberry
IQF / Frozen blackberry
Frozen Raspberry
Frozen Raspberry Whole / crumbles
IQF Frozen Green Pepper (whole, dices, slices)
IQF green pepper (whole, dices, slices)